What to pack for a spring time weekend getaway

“I need a vacation!” If you’ve said that more than once this week, maybe it’s time you started thinking about taking one. I’m doing myself a favor and taking a four day weekend trip to Los Angeles to visit friends and unwind. Weekend trips are always the hardest to pack for. It’s not enough time that you need lots of clothes, but it’s enough time that you have to think about what you’ll bring, or else you’ll end up over-packing. I always take at least an hour to organize a bag for a four day trip, and I wanted to share some tips on what I do so that you can be prepared when you take your much needed holiday, which will hopefully be very soon!

  1. Check the weather report: It’s something we always forget to do, but honestly, it will save you time and money to be prepared for what Mother Nature has in store. Sure, Mr. Weather Man is not always right, but at least you have a guideline to see if you will need a coat or an extra bikini! I checked the weather for LA and it looks like it’ll be sunny in the day, chilly at night, and one day there’s a chance for thunderstorms… looks like I’ll be needing a rain jacket.
  2. Make a list and pack it with your bags: This is by far the best piece of advice that was ever given to me in regards to packing for any trip. Making a list ensures you have everything you need, but if you pack it in your bags, you now have a checklist to review before you return home. I always highlight and circle my phone charger on my list, and sure enough, when I’m running through my checklist to make sure I have everything, I always get reminded to unplug it from behind a hotel nightstand or chair! It’s invaluable for those that always forget the little things.
  3. Lay everything out on one place before you pack: Keeping everything out on your bed is great for visualizing different outfits for your trip. If you start packing things in your bag without laying everything out first, you risk over packing or ending up with too few things that don’t match.
  4. When in doubt try it on: Have you ever packed a bag for a trip, only to discover you hate everything you packed? It really does help to try on full outfits before you pack them to confirm that you love everything that is going on vacation with you.
  5. Black or Brown or Blue: Some may not agree with this one, but I believe that you should choose a base color scheme. That way you will only need one pair of shoes (or maybe two) that will go with anything you packed in your bags. If you start packing too many different color schemes, you’ll find that you will be packing way more than you need.
  6. Put something scented in your bag: Sometimes, when your clothes have been in a bag for a while, they can start to smell a little less than fresh. I usually zip up a sprig of rosemary in a compartment in my bag (I’m lucky to have it growing in my garden) or I’ll spritz my bag with some Febreze. You want your clothes smelling fresh when you arrive.

Here is my clothing packing list for my four night trip (arriving Friday morning, leaving Tuesday Morning)

  • black blazer (Banana Republic)
  • red trench coat (Michael by Michael Kors)
  • tank top (American Rag, Macy’s)
  • black tube top (MNG, Mango)
  • white tee shirt (Banana Republic)
  • green tee shirt (American Apparel)
  • dark wash jeans (Gap)
  • black and white stripped shirt (Green Envelope Los Angeles, Crossroads Trading Co.)
  • sun dress (Black Poppy, Pacsun)
  • evening dress (Blu Pepper, Crossroads Trading Co.)
  • gladiator flats (old)
  • high heels booties (Bonnibel, Daily Look)
  • bathing suit (old)
  • black skirt (silence + noise, Crossroads Trading Co., but I know you can find it at Urban Outfitters)
  • linen pants (INC, Macy’s)
  • belt (Anthropologie)
  • 2 bras (one strapless, one regular)
  • enough undies
  • 2 sleeping tee shirts (or sleep nude… hey! it saves suitcase space for souvenirs)

How to wear them:

Friday arrival: linen pants, white tee shirt, red trench coat, gladiator flats
Friday night: linen pants, black tube top, blazer, gladiator flats
Saturday: black skirt, tank top, belt, gladiator flats
Saturday night: tank top, jeans, high heels, blazer
Sunday: black and white top, jeans, blazer, gladiator flats
Sunday night: evening dress, red trench, high heels
Monday day: sun dress, gladiator flats
Monday night: black skirt, black tube top, belt, red trench coat, high heels
Tuesday departure: green tee shirt, jeans, blazer, gladiator flats


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